The Introduction Of The Face Recognition System Saudi Arabia

According to the news, the Saudi Interior Ministry is planning to launch a biometric Iris recognition system throughout Saudi Arabia. This includes plans to integrate large areas, such as airports, the sea and land. The purpose of installing these new systems is to use state-of-the-art technology to identify passengers. In other words, this modern system is designed to ensure that no intruders can enter a safe area.

The department’s National Information Center will be responsible for implementing the Iris recognition system. Basically, this program involves the use of mathematical recognition techniques that examine a person’s iris before allowing access to the facility.

The National Information Center will sign a contract with the government to import the system and implement it throughout Saudi Arabia. Once installed, this system will achieve high performance internationally. Currently, an invitation has been sent to invite applicants. Apart from this, the terms and conditions are explained. Apart from this, the government also considers the terms and conditions for the installation of these security equipment.

How does the Face Recognition System work?

Basically, the Iris recognition system is an advanced biometric detection method that involves shocking fingerprints. Medical science tells us that everyone has different and distinct features of the eyes. And the good news is that no one else has the same characteristics of the iris. In fact, both of your eyes have different features. So, both of your eyes are different.

Iris identification is done with a video camera before coding and storing. Once the data is stored in a computer program, it is easy to identify it in milliseconds as soon as one looks at the camera.

The Iris index offers many advantages over other biometric detection systems. First, this type of personal identification system is different. No matter how old you are, the features of your iris will never change. On the other hand, if you engage in strenuous physical activity, your fingerprints may change as time goes on, and you may find it difficult to get your fingers crossed.

In fact, these security systems are based on artificial intelligence. A face recognition program can help replace normal finger recognition. Therefore, the system is easy to use and very clean.

Apart from this, it is faster and more reliable compared to other biometric systems. These devices will scan your face and validate it in a few seconds. Therefore, there will be no need for employees to use their cards, keys, or badges. Once these face recognition programs are installed, there will be no abuse of these programs. If you are an employer, these programs will be of great help to you.

Features of the Face Recognition System

Now let’s look at some of the highlights of the face recognition program.

Prevents time theft
High efficiency
Management of temporary staff or employees
The facial feature of the forensic facial plant
Lots of face recognition
High fidelity
And many others
In short, this was a brief introduction to business face recognition programs whether small or large.

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